The Raw Power of Garlic

SupaGarlic® is the supplement made entirely from 100% Australian garlic. It is farm grown, harvested, extracted, manufactured and bottled locally, right here in Australia.

Respected and used as both an ancient food and traditional medicine, garlic has been used for thousands of years and is arguably the “original” superfood.

With the goal of best capturing the active elements of fresh harvested garlic and making them available for convenient everyday use, we have left nothing to chance. Our traceability includes cultivating our own unique non-GMO naturally selected seed stock, nursery planting, growing, monitoring and harvesting 100% locally grown Australian garlic.

SupaGarlic® has been painstakingly developed, applied using patented low-temperature technology to ensure we always capture mother nature’s goodness and the raw power of garlic.  It is then encapsulated in 100% vegan soft-gel capsules and dosed for various health applications – Health & Wellbeing, Congestion Relief, Immune Support, Cardio & Heart Health as they have been traditionally used in Western herbal medicine.