SUPAG® - Our Proprietary Active Ingredient

For SupaG®, science has never been about attempting to improve on nature or isolate out any one active component- just to strive at every level to capture nature at her best.

Garlic's health promoting properties are the result of a combination of active substances that work synergistically to provide its beneficial effects. So for us, Science is about fastidiously checking ourselves to capture nature at its best without introducing chemical solvents or processes that could alter the alter the composition of the garlic that has  benefitted it’s followers for centuries.

Whilst garlic therapeutic benefits have withstood the test of time, SupaGarlic® is a garlic supplement that is focussed on providing reliable, consistent representation of the essential components and health properties.

When a clove of garlic is crushed, sliced, chopped (or even bitten for that matter), components that were already present but naturally separated in the intact bulb are mixed. It is this contact of garlic’s own plant parts that generates its therapeutic actions. It is capturing this moment that is the inspiration that created the SupaG® extraction technology.

How to naturally preserve the newly created active components formed from the contact of its own parts has been the challenge we have risen to without the use of chemical solvents or high heat, additives or preservatives. The result is a garlic extract second to none, that is extracted then filled into high-grade vegan soft capsules in doses applicable for multiple ailments or health support in therapeutic grade supplements.

The SupaGarlic® range comes in various strengths targeted to best support individual health needs from as broadly as aiding ‘daily general wellbeing’ through to specific traditional uses in helping to provide relief of symptoms of colds and congestion, immune and heart health.

Our traceability is driven by a baseline built from over 30 years growing garlic and our proprietary seed stock . We manage the whole process all the way through, from planting the cloves to extracting the SupaG® active ingredient, we apply several hundred quality tests in our quest to deliver the highest quality experience for the health benefits of garlic.

SupaG® - our proprietary active ingredient